What Motivates You?

For those of you who are not aware of it, I am not a morning person, not at all!   However, there was a time when I could be pursuaded to jump out of bed before 7:00 a.m., grab a cup of coffee, and be emersed in quilting.  It was HGTV’s, Simply Quilts hosted by Alex Anderson that motivated me in the mornings.  So imagine my excitement to be able to meet her in Houston, at the International Quilt Festival!

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If you are too young to remember, Simply Quilts, perhaps you will recognize her from one of her many books that she has written.  There are 30 of them, selling near 1 million copies world wide.  She is a national spokesperson for Bernina of America, a promotional partner with AccuQuilt’s GO!, a fabric designer with P&B Textiles, and threads with Superior Threads.  She is a founding partner of The QuiltShow.com, and is a co-host of “The Quilt Show with Alex Anderson and Ricky Tims”.

This lady knows quilting.  So I asked what her advice would be to someone new to quilting.

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You can find out more about Alex on her website, www.alexandersonquilts.com or check out TheQuiltShow.com.

Incidentally, Alex was the person that got my friend, Sheri, interested in quilting.  Thank you!  Now I have someone to share this passion with.

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Perhaps I should have asked how do I get into the business of interviewing wonderful quilters full-time,  Linda B.

Expert Advice For Those Interested in Machine Embroidery

I admit that the reason I even purchased the machine embroidery unit to my sewing machine was because my husband urged me to do so.  I was truly just interested in the Bernina Sitch Regulator(BSR).  However, I was so busy learning how to use the embroidery unit, and having so much fun, I didn’t even open the BSR for about a year and a half after the purchase! 

So imagine my delight when I met up with Jenny Haskins at the International Quilt Festival!  She is the Editor of the magazine, Creative Expressions, which features machine embroidery and quilting ideas and techniques.  Jenny has also edited and authored several books, created award winning quilts, taught her techniques to others in her-Jenny Haskin’s Accreditation Academy, recently released her own Premier fabric range-When Dreams Flower,and so much more!

Watch as she gives her advice to someone who is new to machine embroidery.

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The book that contains the technique that she describes is called, Jenny’s Heritage , by Jenny Haskins.  If you need a copy, contact Zede’s Sewing Studio and they will get you one!

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Jenny has a website at www.jennyhaskins.com  where you can get a glimpse into all the remarkable things she has done!

Exploring machine embroidery,  Linda B.

Here We Go Again!

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My friend, Sheri, and I traveled South, to Houston, TX, to the International Quilt Festival.  It was the first time that either of us had attended, and we set out to make the most of our experience!

We did enjoy the vendors, and have brought back some products and techniques to share with you.  So be on the watch for new activity at the shop. 

It goes without saying that the quilts were absolutely fabulous!

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I did manage to gather a few interviews with show participants and vendors.  You know how we love to keep you in touch with the Superstars of Sewing and Quilting.   So keep an eye on the blog–we hope to get them up real soon.

Your weary traveler, Linda B.

Threads of a Different Color

I don’t know about you, but I could stare at a thread display for hours!  I love the arrangement, the blends, even the sparkles of the different threads.  Ever wonder how they come up with the multitude of thread colors available to us?  Check out my interview with Heather Purcell, also known as ”Mother Superior”, the creative force in charge of coming up with the thread colors for Superior Threads.

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Still on the Road!  Linda B.

Relax and Doodle, Machine Quilting Tips From John Flynn

As most of you know, I have recently become a machine quilter so I am always looking for tips and hints to help me develop my skills.  At the AQS show in Paducah I met, John Flynn.  He is a quilter, author, teacher, and is famous for his no basting quilting frames that work with all machines.  So I had to get his advice to those new to machine quilting!

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After the interview we also discussed that the use of the Bernina Stitch Regulator(BSR) is another way to eliminate a variable.

[singlepic id=170 w=320 h=240 float=right]I realize that not all readers of this blog are quilters, but I really encourage you to read John’s,  “Confessions of a Non-Traditional Quilter”.  You may just be encouraged to look into quilting once you get a different view point!  John also has a blog, laser cut kits, and a gallery of quilts on his website that you may want to explore while you are there.

On the Road, to the International Quilt Festival

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Sherri and I were able to attend the International Quilt Festival 2010 in Chicago!  You could spend hours enjoying the workmanship and the imagination that went into each piece.  I always come back ready to dig into my stash and create my own masterpiece.

We were fortunate to be able to interview Rosalie Baker of Davenport, Iowa who received the Best of Show Award in the Celebrate Spring category.

I really appreciated what inspired her to make the quilt, and her advice to new quilters was excellent!

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Motivated to Quilt, Linda B.

Getting to the Point, Sewing Machine Needles

Why you should change your sewing machine needles often?  Watch my interview with Rhonda from Schmetz Needles as she gets to the point!

Here at Zede’s Sewing Studio we go directly to the best source as we strive to get you the most accurate information available!

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Still on the road, Linda B.

KOMU TV Interviews Zede’s Sewing Studio

KOMU TV-8 stopped by the store to interview us (HOW COOL). While I was interviewed, we taped the interview. Take a look:

As soon as KOMU Has the video, we’ll add a link to it!