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Can you believe that our next Lock-In is this Friday, March 26, 2010?  Time does fly when you are having fun! In fact, to help me get ready I enlisted the help of my young friend, Brooke, to test sew our next Lock-In project.

Brooke describes herself as being an inexperienced sewer, but has gained a lot of confidence after completing the Smart Bag with me.  Those of you who attended club saw what a wonderful job she did!  Her bag is on display at the studio.  She is letting us keep her bag until the Lock-in is over to inspire all who attend to use different embellishment methods to the cover. I think she did a fabulous job, and it is hard to believe that she is inexperienced when you see her work.

The Lock -In Project, the Julie Smart Bag, is a basic vinyl bag, that you can create mulitple, reversible covers for.  This is a great bag for those who work in secure locations that allow only see through bags in, or for those of us who carry things in our bags that tend to spill.  With the reverisble cover option, you can match your bag to any occasion.

In this Lock-In we will help you:

  • learn some basic bag making techniques
  • give hints and suggestions for working with vinyl
  • examine different embellishment opportunities for the cover
  • and give you directions for a bonus inside pocket!

Of course, since this is a Lock-in there will be a pot luck that you can bring a guest to before we get started.  If you have never been to a Lock-In before come ready to learn and have a great time!  Who knows, you may end up on facebook or YouTube!

You will need to sign up quicklycontact the shop to secure your place and get your supply list!

See you on Friday!

Linda B.

Sashiko Embellished Dress

[singlepic id=148 w=320 h=240 float=right]It is so easy to embellish a little girl’s holiday dress using the Sashiko.

Let’s dive right in and explain how we created the mini piece of art.

To add a touch of elegance to the bodice of  this cotton velvet dress, a rectangle large enough to cut the bodice from is sewn with a metallic silver thread.  This is done by first drawing a line at a 60 degree angle from one bottom corner of the fabric to the top. Using the Sashiko, the silver thread is sewn on this line. A second line is sewn one width of the presser foot away from the first.  The third is sewn approximately one inch from the second.  Repeat the spacing of the second and third lines across the fabric.

Moving back to the first line, go in the opposite direction and repeat the spacing of the third line and then the second line until all of the fabric is done .  Once all these parallel lines are sewn, you will go to the other bottom corner and draw another 60 degree line to the top.  This line will intersect the other lines.  The same spacing sequence is repeated in this direction also.  These threads add a very subtle glitter within the pile of the velvet.   From this newly created fabric the bodice is cut.

After the entire dress is constructed in the usual manner, rows of Sashiko stitches can be sewn above the hem.  These rows were sewn in pairs to simulate pintucks.  This adds a touch of sparkle to the skirt.

Finally, a  rose bouquet can be made from silver ribbon and bows with long streamers to add the little extra pizazz that every little girl loves.

You can view other projects made using the Sashiko.  Everyone has different ideas.  What are yours?  Want to share some?

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Bobbin Play Class with Linda Bratten

[singlepic id=89 w=320 h=240 float=right]Well, I just have to let everyone know that last night Linda Bratten gave another fantastic class on embellishing fabrics.

This time we learned how to use amazing threads, like heavy triple twisted metallics wound on the bobbin, and free hand embellished fabrics to create works of art.

If you were interested in this class and were unable to attend, please check out class list and be sure to mark your calendars for all of Linda Bratten’s classes.

She is an amazing instructor.

Thank  you Linda for your wisdom and the time you dedicate to teach us your sewing skills.

Introducing: Pat – our newest author and instructor

E-Black-Crazy-QuiltFor those of you who don’t know me, here is a little bit of why I am involved with Zede’s Sewing Studio.

First of all I have been quilting for over 25 years now. I got interested in quilting while living in Georgia. My husband was my biggest supporter and bought me my first Bernina (a 910), then a 1230, 165E and a 730E. Three of which are always set up in one of my sewing areas so I can be embroidering, piecing or quilting, and working on another Clothesline Bowl which happens to be addictive! By the way I will be teaching a class on the bowls the early part of 2010. Come and see how much fun they are to make and only require a sewing machine that does a zigzag stitch! I dislike having to stop working on a project to work on something else – thus I just go from one machine to the next instead – a little weird I know but so much fun.

When not working on one of the above projects I really like to play with the Embellisher (felting) machine. Jane R. and I will be leading the Embellisher Enthusiasts starting in October. If you have an Embellisher come join us and see what we are doing – we have lots of neat projects planned. If you are interested in seeing what it can do but don’t have one, talk to Zede about reserving one of the shop Embellishers to try out at one of our get togethers. Embellishing (felting) is so much fun since you don’t really have to concentrate and can just play with fibers and fabrics. It will also help you get to be at ease when you are free motion quilting on your regular sewing machine.

Quilting is my first love since I have been though the days of doing only hand work to sewing machines becoming an integral part of the quilting world. Now I am really interested in incorporating my machine embroidery into my quilting since both are so very enjoyable to do and results can be beautiful. At present I am working on crazy quilt ideas and my mind is swimming with new ideas that I just need to get time to work on. Anyone out there interested in crazy quilts too? It is wonderful using all those beautiful stitches in our machines to embellish the crazy quilt blocks plus just think of all the threads we can play with too. I had a ball trying all my different variegated threads on my latest project and have attached a photo of the quilt top I just finished. Excuse my photograph, not perfect. It still needs to be quilted but I will do that in the next month or so. Lots to do and “sew” little time!

Re-vamp your wardrobe!

The scarfLet your inner diva scream!

Why not embellish your wardrobe items with some Barbara Trombley’s Art Glitter. This is not the kind that you use on your art projects. It is a specially designed glitter and glue that creates a permanent bond to your fabric when heat set, allowing it to be washed in a machine. It bonds great to cotton, but unfortunately not to silk.

The product

In less than an hour, I was able to design, and embellish this scarf!

First I created a curling pattern that I wanted to replicate. Next I transferred the pattern to the scarf. I would avoid a marking pen with wax as it may resist the glue. Then I worked in small sections across the scarf, applying glue and sprinkling glitter on while the glue was wet. I shook the remaining glitter onto a piece of paper and back into the container for next time. It reminds me of a snow stormI then heat set the glitter according to the directions on the package. And finally I couldn’t resist adding a few hot fix crystals. I can’t wait to wear it; it reminds me of a snow storm.

A diva's roseI have also used this glitter to embellish my quilts. The rose bud quilt that hangs in Zede’s Sewing Studio uses the glitter for the raindrops.

Embellished butterflyI also used it to embellish a butterfly on another of my quilts.

For those of you interested I am making available the curling pattern that I used on my scarf. You can stop in at Zede’s and pick up your copy of the pattern during the next week (downloadable version coming soon).

Also if you want to explore more options for embellishing your wardrobe, consider taking the Mixed Media class on Monday, Sept. 21st, from 6:00 p.m to 8:00 p.m. I’d love to help you add some pizzazz to your wardrobe and projects!

What are you going to embellish? Take some photos and post them on the Facebook page.