Lots more Artwork to convert to Embroidery

[singlepic id=94 w=320 h=240 float=right]CorelDRAW Essentials 4, one of the newest additions of Bernina Embroidery Software Version 6 comes with lots more pre-loaded graphics than what is found in the Artwork folder (under My Designs).  There are hundreds more graphic files in a folder that comes with the CorelDRAW addition called Clip Art.

The files included in the Clip Art folder are CorelDRAW files, which are Vector files.  Vector files are the types of files you can easily convert to embroidery using the ‘Convert to Embroidery’ button on the Art Canvas Tab.  However, the folder these files are in can be a bit difficult to find when trying to load artwork inside Version 6.  So here’s an easy way to find the CorelDRAW ‘Clip Art’ folder and create a shortcut directly in you’re ‘My Designs – Embroidery Software 6’ folder so you can easily find them again.

To create the shortcut to the Clip Art folder from CorelDRAW.

  • Open up the My Designs – Embroidery Software 6 folder.  To do this go to the Start Menu -> My Computer -> (C:) -> My Designs – Embroidery Software 6
  • Go to the Start Menu -> Programs -> CorelDRAW Essentials 4, then right click on the Clip Art folder and choose Copy.
  • Go back to the My Designs – Embroidery Software 6 folder you opened, inside that folder right Click and choose Copy Shortcut.

Now you will have a shortcut that will point you right to the CorelDRAW graphics files that come installed with that program inside your My Designs folder.

Have fun!

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