How To Knot A Hand-Sewing Thread (The Easiest Way!)

Mom is always asking me why I don’t knot my thread like this- and I say “Because I can’t remember how!”.  The truth is- I try not to do a lot of hand sewing.

We used the magic of technology to compensate for our poor memories in the ribbon weaving video, and we’re doing it again here!

Presenting: “The Easiest Way To Knot A Hand Sewing Thread”

YouTube Preview Image

Short video, right?  Well, watch it again, just in case you blinked the first time.  Watch it next time you go to stitch something up, in case you forget- like me!!!



  1. Mary Hodson says:

    I teach this to my beginning students and when they finally get it, it is like a little surprise! Makes me smile.

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