Learn about Zede’s Sewing Studio

According to customers, Zede’s Sewing Studio is one of the best places to buy sewing machines and learn basic and advanced techniques. It’s not just about learning how to sew, but it’s also about finding the best fit for you

Zede Donohue bought the store from former owner Deatra McGary and officially reopened the doors under the name Zede’s Sewing Studio in May of 2006.

Licensed to sell Baby Lock machines, Zede serves people with basic knowledge of sewing to those with commercial experience.

To Zede, there is something about being creative and letting your soul express itself through sewing and embroidery.

  • It’s a place where people have the chance to be creative and make something for themselves or others.
  • It’s a place where people can learn and show their creative side.
  • It’s a place where people can have a laugh or two while showing off their latest piece of sewing art.

Our Passion

Zede’s thrives on three things:

  • Creativity – The staff never stops creating and playing with new ideas, patterns, and concepts.There are no rules in sewing.
  • Selling customers what they want – Zede and her staff listens to each customer and helps determine what it is that best fits their needs.
  • Teaching – The sharing of passion and knowledge is what gets Zede and her staff out of bed each morning (amongst other things). It’s a rush. It’s about creating and building knowledge together for a common goal… fun and enjoyment.

Staff members are carefully picked to match what Zede believes in and has built the studio on. Anytime a customer walks in the front door, they are greeted with a friendly “hello” and offered help.

The History

Zede’s Sewing Studio, formerly known as Bernina Sewing & Embroidery Center, is owned by Zede Donohue.

At age 8, Zede started sewing. From there, she continued to sew anything from Halloween costumes and wedding dresses to theatre costumes and doggie corsets (you need to ask Zede about the corset).

In May of 2006, Zede bought Bernina Sewing & Embroidery Center from its previous owner and changed its name to Zede’s Sewing Studio. For nearly two-years, the store went through a transformation and began to hire more employees and offer more classes. In late 2007, it was determined a bigger store was needed to continue to grow and offer more products and classes.

Zede’s Sewing Studio is located in Parkade Center on Business Loop 70 West.

“I come to your store because I never know what to expect! It’s so much fun coming here!” – Customer

Stop by the studio, say hello, browse, and leave more invigorated than when you first walked in.

You’ll find great people to interact with – naturally, we don’t allow non-great people. You will be asked if you need help and if you’re just browsing, they’re happy to let you walk around without pestering you.

Do you have the skills needed to work at Zede’s?